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Cooking, Kiting & Making Rum

The answer to some of life’s greatest problems is, naturally, bourbon! Skeptical? Consider this:

1. What do you drink when out with friends but also adhering to a low-carb diet? Bourbon – it contains zero dietary sugars.

2. Hate the taste of red wine but still want an antioxidant boost to help prevent coronary heart disease? The antioxidants in bourbon are actually absorbed into the body easier than red wine.

3. Feel a cold coming on but ran out of orange juice? No worries, bourbon has more antioxidants than a serving of OJ.

Notice a pattern yet?? We love our bourbon (especially the barrels it’s made in!) but let me also introduce you to our good friend RUM….as in rum cakes, rum balls, and Jack Sparrow’s drink of choice.

We’ve been partnering with Key West First Legal Rum Distillery in Key West, Florida for several years now providing them with our bourbon barrel flasks, hats, and decorative barrel staves, and like to think we are bringing a little bit of the bourbon world to diehard rum drinkers. But in return, we’ve learned a great deal about this sweet libation.

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery was founded in 2013 by legendary professional kiteboarder Paul Menta. This guy is one of the most interesting individuals I’ve had the opportunity to meet in life ~ kiteboarder, international chef, cookbook author, restaurant owner, master instructor for Professional Air Sports Association, beach resort owner, rum distillery owner, and Guinness World Record holder for fastest kite-surfing from Key West to Cuba. Oh, and he’s been bitten by a shark twice. Menta uses only Florida sugar cane for his rum base, which he then infuses with vanilla, coconut, or key lime to make flavored rum. It’s also why his rum is termed “Chef Distilled” ~ created by chefs first, distillers second.

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery makes 10 different types of rum, all using salt-cured barrels and local, naturally sourced flavors. By cooking their own extracts and never using any artificial ingredients or additives, you can definitely taste the difference between an ordinary rum and their Chef Distilled rums.

You may be a bourbon connoisseur or even a Kentucky native, but next time you find yourself in need of a vacation, head on down to sunny Key West, Florida and stop by the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery for a tour and tasting. You can love bourbon AND rum. We won’t tell ;)

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