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Over 100 Years of Woodworking Excellence

You could say 1884 was the beginnings of Columbus Barrel Co., for that was when Henry Jackson Upperman was born.  Through the turn of 2 centuries, born and bred through his lineage, the making of unique barrel wood products are now the showcase of his great-grandsons, CJ and Curt Shaver.  

However, these commodities were far from Henry Upperman's mind when he built his small wood shop at 422 Brehl Ave. in Columbus, OH in the 1920's.  His main output was the making of wooden, wall telephone boxes.  Usually an order consisted of 100 for the Buckeye Telephone Company.  From the use of his planer, sander, jointer, table saw, drill press and LOTS of elbow grease, he was a successful manufacturer, pleased with his work.  His motto was "I'm going to make it like it will hang in my own home".  His next successful venture was repairing wooden sides of slot machines which were no match for the axes used to destroy them.  You see, back in those days gambling was, let's just say, frowned upon.  The end of that business came swiftly when the local promoter of those very machines Henry repaired was arrested.  As decades passed on, and each product ran it's course, Henry pivoted and always found a way to provide for his family.  













In 1945 Henry had a stroke and could no longer assume his position as "Boss".  He had the company incorporated which included his sons as partners and HJ Upperman & Sons was created.  The moved their location, created a larger woodshop & shifted focus to a more lucrative industry.  They focused on hotel and bank fixture manufacturing.  Many of their workings can still be seen in downtown Columbus.  It was then Curt and CJ's grandfather began working in the shop.  The trade was passed down over many years from a humble beginning.  

Now the 4th generation, Columbus Barrel Co., is serving another era: that of the bourbon age.  Passed down through generations of woodworking, Columbus Barrel Co. is proud to present their own set of skills and determination to make each customer feel that rich history and pride.  Each generation felt the desire to produce useful, quality products.  Using authentic, spent bourbon barrels has empowered Columbus Barrel Co. to produce the world's most unique products using the world's most unique wood.  

The Shaver boys are proud to be part of a woodworking family true to it's heritage.

*written by Minnie "Mams" Shaver*

HJ Upperman Woodshop.jpg

422 Brehl Ave. Columbus, OH


1943 H.J. Upperman.jpg

Henry Jackson Upperman


Minnie "Mams" Upperman

Curt & CJ Flag copy.jpg

Curt & CJ Shaver

PaPa Shaver Newspaper Article.jpg

Melvin "Pops" Shaver

buckeye building interior.jpg

Interior of the Buckeye Bank & Loan building.


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