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CBC Crew +3

The CBC shop is a little more crowded this summer, but in a good way! We’d like to welcome and give a big shout out to the 3 newest members of our team, and while they may only be here until they move on to bigger and better things, we are grateful for their hard work and dedication this summer.

Colin (also answers to Carl) started working at CBC in January as part of an internship for school. He caught on quick to manufacturing and assembling products, so when he graduated from high school in the spring and asked to continue working here, we readily agreed and hired him on full-time. He is the CFO for CBC….that’s Chief Forklift Operator. Colin’s favorite part of working at CBC is the environment. Anyone who visits the shop knows we accomplish a whole lot of work, but also have a whole lot of fun doing so! When not working, Colin is an avid computer gamer and likes hanging out with friends. Although he doesn’t have a specific vacation spot, he loves listening to waves crash, so send him on a trip to the ocean any day. His personal motto is “Do it now, or I won’t do it later” – a great quote for everyone to live by! Colin would like to one day go to a trade school to be an Electrician, but until then, we are thrilled to have him work at CBC.

Jake started working this past winter for CBC on a part-time basis while finishing school, but once he graduated in May, we were fortunate to have him join our full-time summer crew. From manufacturing to assembly and product finishing, Jake has a knack for everything. He enjoys the woodworking aspect of being at CBC, but outside of work, you’ll find Jake playing lacrosse and basketball. His favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas because it’s hot! Good thing he likes the heat since the CBC shop isn’t air-conditioned! Jakes personal motto is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – a very true statement. We appreciate Jake’s hard work and dedication to CBC and will miss him when he pursues his desired field of Architecture.

Last but certainly not least is Luke – a brand new summer team member but it seems like he’s been here forever. As part of the manufacturing, assembly, and product finishing division of CBC, Luke is an essential team member. His favorite part of working here is cutting the barrels – who doesn’t love using power tools?!? Outside of work, you’ll find Luke fishing and working out. His favorite vacation destination is the beach because he loves to body surf and fish. Nothing like a fresh catch of the day to make dinnertime delicious! Luke’s favorite quote to live by comes from none other than the great Michael Scott of Scranton, PA – “I’m running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.” We can respect that. Luke will be attending the University of Dayton in the fall to study engineering.

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