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Barrel Aged Cold Brew Beans

Barrel Aged Cold Brew Beans


Savor the unique flavors our first ever bourbon barrel aged coffee bean.  We designed and aged this bean to be the perfect choice for cold brew coffee but don't worry it is also fantastic brewed the traditional way as well!  Hints of oak, chocolate and smoke will make your taste buds dance.  We took 18 lbs. of the finest, single origin Honduran beans and aged them in a fresh dumped bourbon barrel.  The result...perfection!


-net weight 8oz./bag

-whole bean


The story of our beans:

This coffee is grown by a cooperative of 4 farms that are committed to preserving the delicate ecosystem where this coffee is grown by amending their soil with organic matter instead of chemical fertilizers and using water efficiently to conserve this precious resource. You can savor this coffee with peace of mind, knowing that it tastes great and is great for the planet, too!


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