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Trivia, Turkey and our BIGGEST SALE EVER!

Turkey Day is officially here, which means Black Friday is happening TOMORROW! But first, let’s throw down some Black Friday trivia, because who doesn’t love useless trivia?!

Q: Which department store was the first to advertise post-Thanksgiving sales? Follow up question, what year did that occur? Follow up to the follow up question, how did they advertise?

A: Macy’s, 1924, during the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Boom! This trivia is off with a bang!

Q: What retailer is the most dangerous to shop at on Black Friday?

A: Walmart (are we really surprised??) with 57.1% of Black Friday fights happening there

Q: What is the going rate to hire someone to sit in line for you on Black Friday?

A: $35 per hour is what professional line-sitters average….wth is a “professional line-sitter”??

Q: What percentage of Americans shop on Black Friday?

A: 70%!!! Better start shopping our online marketplace so you don’t get a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for the older generation reading this)

Q: Who makes the highest quality bourbon barrel furniture, household goods, and apparel, and has a sale on Black Friday that includes freebies?

A: Columbus Barrel Co. Keep reading :)

So, now that you’ve made it through our amazing trivia, let’s get to the sale part. We are offering 30% off all of our SMALL BATCH GOODS COLLECTION. This is a terrific sale on items that are sure to please everyone on your holiday list. From flasks, flight boards, and bottle openers for the bourbon drinkers, to barrel bow ties, beard combs, and cuff links for the rustically sophisticated man. We have so many more items in our small batch store, so definitely check that out.

Now for the FREEBIES because come on, everyone loves something for free! Black Friday only, we are including a free CBC Barrel Wood Badge Hat with orders over $75, and a free hat PLUS Big Stick Bottle Opener with orders over $150. And, because we are full of Christmas cheer, we are going to throw in FREE SHIPPING for all small batch orders over $50. Just let that all soak in for a minute.

Go grab your favorite glass of bourbon and let’s cheers to all the suckers standing outside for hours freezing in the cold, while you shop smart right from your comfy chair!

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