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Swapping Barrels for Bottles

These are some weird times we’re living in right now, and while the news certainly does nothing to bolster moral, we wanted to highlight a couple local distilleries that are turning lemons into lemonade….or, more accurately, spirits into hand sanitizer!

With the Coronavirus sweeping the world, hand sanitizer very quickly became a rare commodity, which, I find is ironic, because were people really not washing their hands prior to this?? Makes you wonder. Anyways, with hand sanitizer flying off shelves and manufacturers unable to keep up with demand, distilleries are taking matters into their own hands. It makes sense that places where large quantities of ethyl alcohol are already being produced are best equipped to shift gears into producing hand sanitizer ~ the main ingredient being ethyl-alcohol. Following guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization, distilleries are combining ethyl alcohol, glycerol, and hydrogen peroxide to create large batches of hand sanitizer, and then bottling them for public distribution.

Watershed Distillery is one company that has already donated over 200 gallons of hand sanitizer to various hospitals and first responders. They are now selling future production at cost to make it affordable for anyone who needs it. Middle West also recently announced it too was beginning to make hand sanitizer, with the Columbus Foundation pledging to purchase the first $50,000 worth of product from the distillery.

As Mr. Roger’s said when things get scary in the world, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Way to go distilleries!

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