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Summertime Cool

Remember the days of going to college parties and fishing drinks out of a cheap, styrofoam cooler? Maybe you moved on from there to the hard plastic cooler with a hinged lid. Well, the time has come to leave those days behind and own the ultimate drink cooler that in fact makes you the “cool” one. Introducing a drink cooler that is both decorative and functional, relieving you of the need to lug a cumbersome, ugly plastic cooler up and down the basement stairs ‘cause your wife told you quit junking up her patio.

Our barrel cooler is made from half of a genuine spent bourbon barrel, so right away you have the natural char markings and gorgeous barrel finish. On either side of the barrel, we added metal handles that were hand-forged in Texas. The stand is barrel staves specifically crafted to function as either a tall or short decorative holder for the barrel. You’ll also notice the black plastic liner inside the barrel. This is a very heavy-duty liner that has 2 purposes. First, you don’t have to waste a bunch of ice filling half a barrel just so your drinks stick out of the top; this liner holds 9 gallons, so it’s the perfect size for lots of drinks and just enough ice to keep everything cool without creating a swimming pool when it melts. Second, we custom engineered a drain at the bottom of the liner with tubing that runs into the spigot at the bottom of the barrel for easy drainage. No one likes plunging their arm into an icy pool of water for drinks, so easily drain out water and refill with ice throughout the party. Your guests will thank you!

Now let’s say you’re looking at this barrel cooler thinking, “We’re not really having any parties this summer, but next summer we’re having a graduation/birthday/just because party and this would be perfect!” Okay, so here’s the deal – get ready – this cooler is also a beautiful planter for your garden. Buy one now, use it as a decorative addition to your gardenscape, and next year when you’re ready to party, use it in cooler-mode. Remember when I said the stave stand can be tall or short? The short side is perfect for flowers ~ keeps it off the dirt while still having a low profile to blend into a garden. On the flip side (literally, the flip side! Ha!) maybe you’re back isn’t the greatest and your knees are a little creaky, so go ahead and have a tall flower planter and make it easy on yourself to tend to this summer.

Happy summer from Columbus Barrel Co!

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