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Meet the CBC Crew

Hey readers! We’re taking a short blog post break from bourbon to bring you the Columbus Barrel Co team of hardworking individuals. So, without further ado, here they are in NO particular order (despite what they might say about that after this is posted! Ha!)

Meet CJ! Also know as “Hey Ceej” around the office, he is the owner and co-founder, maintenance man, CNC Programmer, book keeper, backbone of the company, and forklift/snack man (as his nieces and nephews will tell you). He started the company 7 years ago and has never stopped moving forward with new product designs and innovative woodworking techniques. His favorite part of the business is being able to work alongside creative individuals, while keeping the shop fun and faith-filled. It’s a dream job employing hard working Americans who take pride in their craftsmanship, knowing every piece that leaves the warehouse has been made by hand. Outside of work (although, does he ever really leave the shop??) you’ll find CJ bass fishing in weekly tournaments, perfecting his BBQ grilling techniques on the Green Egg – and sharing with friends and family, doing home woodworking projects, or visiting his favorite vacation spot in Cheboygan, Michigan. His personal motto is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Oh, and did I mention CJ likes turtles? Just another fun fact about this guy!

Next up is Curt, although around the shop he’s known as “Tactical Curt.” Co-founder, head of sales, and president of the Happiness Committee, Curt is the face of CBC and always looking for the next great partnership opportunity with local businesses. He started the company with CJ 7 years ago, and they soon became known as the “Barrel Brothers.” Curt’s favorite part of the job is working with amazing distilleries and retailers to get their products into the hands of customers around the world. He feels blessed to do business with respected, organized, and fun companies on a daily basis. When not working, you’ll find Curt on the golf course, paddle boarding, putting on a good show for his wife pretending he knows how to do handyman stuff around the house, and anxiously awaiting the birth of their little girl at the end of summer. His favorite vacation spot is Bonita Springs, FL. It only takes 5 minutes of meeting Curt to realize his life motto of “Grab life by the barrels” fits his enthusiastic, larger-than-life personality.

Tyler, Tyler, he's our man; if he can't do it, no one can! Ty is the Director of Production and Marketing. The awesome social media videos and promos are thanks to this guy! He’s been part of CBC for 5 years and the shop wouldn’t function the same without him. Ty’s favorite part of working at CBC is being able to do what he loves in building the website with paid advertising, plus getting to work with his best friends everyday makes it fun to go to work. In a world of mass-manufactured products, working by hand with used barrels ensures every product is unique, and that is something to take great pride in. Outside of work, you’ll find Ty fishing in bass tournaments around the US, rooting for The Ohio State University football team, and relaxing on a beach or the shores of a lake. Little known fun fact about Ty – his favorite song to sand to is “Chandelier” by Sia. Like I said, the shop wouldn’t be the same without Ty!

Call him Dave or call him "Griz", just don't call him late for lunch! Another lifer with CBC, Dave is a craftsman and advisor. His favorite part of the job is the fun environment, being able to create custom pieces of furniture, and developing new items. During the warm months, you’ll find Dave fishing, golfing, and doing yard work around his house. He and his wife love to vacation in Bay View, Michigan with their children and grandchildren every summer. His life motto is “Be yourself; everyone else is taken” - something he instilled in his children from a young age, even wearing a t-shirt with the motto so they wouldn’t forget it!

Melissa – aka “Mama” – is the product completion, packaging, and quality control guru. She is the last line of defense, ensuring all of our products are of the highest quality before shipping to our awesome customers. Melissa has worked at CBC for 4 years and loves spending her workday with a great, Christian group of employees in a friendly environment. She also enjoys getting to put the finishing touches on products and seeing the completed design come to fruition. Outside of the office, Melissa can be found in her home kitchen baking and cooking delicious meals for her family, crafting, painting, biking with her husband, and gardening. Her favorite vacation spots are Sanibel Island, FL and Bay View, MI. Her personal motto is one by Saint Mother Teresa, “Do small things with great love,”

Colleen is the newest member of the CBC team, joining just 5 months ago. She is a content writer for the Mash Blog, and assists Curt with graphic design work on t-shirts and barrel heads. Her favorite part of the job is researching new industry topics to write about, and baking goodies for the office. Good thing there are plenty of willing taste-testers! During her free time (does such a thing really exist??) she enjoys being outside with her husband and 2 children exploring new parks and geocaching, riding bikes, gardening, cooking, reading, and crafting. Her favorite place to visit is San Miguel del Lago in Guatemala, and vacationing with her family in Michigan.

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