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Break Out the Quarantine Beer Party

Back in February, I promised you a look at our new beer flight boards, but life look a weird turn and we all ended up 6 feet apart wearing masks. Never thought I’d be writing that sentence. So, without further ado, and with a special for our loyal customers, I present to you BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Barrel Stave Beer Flights! Cue the Applause, applause, applause, I live for the applause-plause, live for the applause-plause – Gaga anyone?? Okay, I may be suffering from a little too much quarantine these days.

Anyways, If you missed our blog all about barrel aged beer, click here, but if you are already hip to the new trend, then you are definitely ready for a barrel stave beer flight board. We offer 3 levels of flight boards, so whether you only want to sample a few beers or need a little indulgence, we got you covered. Each flight board is made from an authentic spent barrel stave and includes 3, 4, or 5 glasses, depending on the level you purchase. Our Expert Beer Flight Stave also has a custom laser-cut chalkboard on the front for you to write on and identify the beers for tasting.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Guys, we can’t have large gatherings right now, so why do I need flight boards?” Well, hold on to your hazmat suit and let me explain the beauty of this ~ one person can wash their hands, don a mask, and prepare all of the flight boards for everyone, and then distribute them to each person sitting 6 feet apart in your yard or driveway. Individual glasses of beer. Individual flight boards to hold them. Boom. You now have a responsibly-socially-distanced beer tasting party. With our BOGO deal, you can’t afford to not take advantage of this! Call up your friends and tell them you just figured out a way to put a little fun in your quarantine days.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay hydrated.


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