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Bourbon-Town, USA

Happy New Year! It’s barely 2020, but already there’s exciting news coming out of the Bardstown Bourbon Company. If you’re not familiar with this company, it’s one of the country’s most modern and technically advanced whiskey distilleries.

Located in the heart of Bourbon Country, they produce custom rye, whiskey, and bourbon for many prominent brands, including High West, James E. Pepper, Calumet, Cyrus Noble, Belle Meade, Jefferson’s, and Hirsch, through its one-of-a-kind Collaborative Distilling Program.

But what’s the exciting news?? For the first time in history, Bardstown Bourbon Company is expanding its availability to Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Ohio! That’s right, if you’re a resident of those areas, you will very soon be able to experience Bardstown Bourbon Company products for yourself. I’m most excited about their Collaborative Series ~ Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in a variety of barrels to give the final product a taste unlike anything you’ve tried before. One of the varieties uses a 9-year-old Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged for 19 months in a Phifer Pavitt Cabernet Sauvignon barrel, giving the finished product notes of plums, blackberries, and milk chocolate. Another variety uses an 11-year-old Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged for 20 months in an apple brandy barrel, resulting in a spicy, caramel apple finish.

If you have never traveled the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, 2020 is a great year to check that off your travel list. Bardstown Bourbon Company is a distillery unlike any other. They pride themselves on transparency, meaning the distillery has all open spaces and clear glass, allowing visitors to directly view the science and craft of whiskey-making. Modeled after a Napa Valley winery experience, Bardstown boasts the only full-service restaurant within a distillery on the Bourbon Trail. They combine distilling, culinary, and beverage expertise to truly deliver a modern, authentic bourbon experience.

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