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Bourbon & Cookies; A Holiday Revelation.

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

You know that feeling of delectable bliss when you bite into a warm, chocolate chip cookie and the chips are slightly gooey inside causing the whole bite to just melt in your mouth? Oh, you don’t? Well, you no longer have an excuse now that we’re going to introduce you to C. Krueger’s. The tag line is “finest baked goods” and that’s no exaggeration. We’re days away from the biggest gathering of family and friends during the year, and the last thing you want to do is show up empty-handed….or show up with another casserole or jello mold. Wine is last season’s hostess gift, and you don’t want to be known as the guy who brings actual liquor to a houseful of little nieces and nephews, so do the right thing and bring bourbon cookies. Now we got your attention.

C. Krueger’s was founded by Cheryl Krueger, a woman who opened her first store in 1981 and grew it to a $50 million company. The cookies are baked in small batches using premium ingredients and never frozen. All you have to do is take a bite from a cookie made by elves in a large factory, and your mom’s single tray of cookies made by hand to know that making something in small batches is always going to come out on top; think quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what C. Krueger’s brings to the cookie industry. Our top cookie choice is – of course – C. Krueger’s Finest Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip cookie. This is the rare occasion when I’ll suggest pouring a glass of MILK to unwind at the end of a hard workday and letting the bourbon, molasses, and fresh pecans shine through in cookie form.

When Cheryl approached us about combining forces – her bourbon cookies and our bourbon barrel-based company – we knew it was a winning combination. We took genuine aged bourbon barrel wood, and turned it into a stunning custom gift box, filled with 12 of the best Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip cookies known to mankind. It makes the perfect hostess gift to take with you to the many upcoming parties, or send a box to business colleagues, doctors, teachers (trust us, it’s better to send your kid to school with a box of bourbon cookies rather than a bottle of bourbon), neighbors, and anyone else you want to thank. Basically, we just took care of your gift-giving list. You’re welcome.

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